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Things You Should Never Clean With A Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is one of the most convenient ways to clean. The quickness and ease of it all can be something that is very helpful. But use of a pressure washer on certain surfaces can cause more harm than good. So here’s a few examples of things you should not use a pressure washer to clean.


Glass – While giving your windows a quick spray down, or using a pressure washer on your upstairs windows that are hard to reach, might seem like a good idea, swinging a hammer at your windows would give you the same outcome. So just keep your glass surfaces and your pressure washer away from eachother.

Asphault Shingles – Pressure washing your roof can be helpful, but not if you’re ripping your shingles off. Asphault shingles in particular cannot withstand the pressure, and could cause leaks in your roof.

Vinyl – Pressure washers can rip holes in vinyl, whether you have an awning over your porch, or a vinyl pool liner, it is a bad idea all around to use a pressure washer on them. They cannot withstand the force and the pressure could tear holes in vinyl material.

Old Brick and Mortar – While concrete can be cleaned quick by a pressure washer, brick breaks apart over time due to weathering. Pressure washing brick that has already been broken down can cause crumbling, and result in structural damages.

Stained/Painted Surfaces – Wood, metal, anything really with paint or stain can be severely damaged by pressure washing. However, using a pressure washer to prep a surface for paint, or stain, is ok and even encouraged.


AC Units – Power washing can destroy the interiors of air conditioning units and pressure washers should not be used on these outdoor appliances.
Exterior Light Fixtures – Porch lights and lampposts are meant to resist weather. They’re not meant to resist a single incredibly powerful stream of water. Glass can be broken, bulbs can be broken, or could just completely break the fixture off of the surface it is fastened to.
Solar Panels – Solar panel components are too delicate to be blasted with a pressure washer. So if you need to shut your power off in a very expensive way, go for it.
Generators – More durable than solar panels, sure. They have to be. But they can’t take everything, including a pressure washer.


Some materials and machinery are unsafe to clean with a pressure washer. So maybe double check what you’re spraying with water before you get a little over excited and spray in your windows.