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Great projects produce even greater messes. Why not let us do a great job cleaning it up for you?


After your construction project is complete, the space is often left with debris, dust, and other materials that need to be removed before the space can be utilized. That’s where our services come in, we come in and clean up those spaces. Our team has the necessary tools and equipment to tackle your project. From removing construction debris and dust to scrubbing and sanitizing surfaces, we make sure that your space is clean, safe, and ready for use!

  • Our team only uses top quality cleaning products for your space.
  • Our crewmembers are careful to not skip over anything or provide sub-par service.
  • We do post construction clean up for clients all over South Central Kentucky
  • All of our team members are qualified and have the correct experience for construction cleanup
  • Fully Insured


  • Thorough cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Dusting and cleaning of fixtures and fittings
  • Sanitizing surfaces and removing any remaining construction dust
  • Cleaning of windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces
  • Final inspection to ensure that the space is completely clean and ready for use