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Microfiber Product Care

Microfiber refers to fiber that is about 200 times smaller than a single strand of human hair. When high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates highly effective cleaning cloths. Microfiber products can absorb and retain dust, liquid, and bacteria sometimes even better than normal. These amazing materials are in need of special care to be ready to clean with for the longest period of time possible. 

While the most commonly known microfiber products are usually the towels, dusters, reusable mop pads for things like swiffers, and even some sponges are made out of microfiber materials.


  1. Seperate microfiber products from your other fabric products, mixing can cause fibers and lint from other fabrics to clog and contaminate the microfiber products.
  2. Wash the fabric with warm or cold water, microfiber has a melting point of 140°F. Use a detergent that is free of softeners, dye, or scents. To kill bacteria on the material, it is recommended to add a very small amount of bleach, less than 10% to the solution, to kill any bacteria. Bleach will shorten the life of the towels, but small amounts shouldn’t affect it very much. Use an extra rinse cycle if you can.


Microfiber is best air dried, but if you wish to machine dry them, tumble dry, no hotter than 140°F. Do not use dryer sheets on them.


Microfiber products that are red have had a lot of dye added to them, to avoid transfer and staining of the red dye, wash them before you use them. 5-10 wash cycles should remove most of the excess dye on the product. Chemicals can effect the staining and loosening of dye from the towels.

Some very harsh chemicals can break down microfiber cloth, but for most usual cleaning they are the best of their kind of cleaning product.